Christians on Campus - The Blackout

I've been sharing my personal experiences as a Christian on campus in a series entitled, Christians on Campus. This post is the continuation of my previous post, Christians on Campus: Global Young Leaders Conference

So I was about to leave New York City, sitting in my seat with the seat belt buckled, waiting for the airplane to take off to Austin via Chicago. I fell asleep. An hour later I woke up, the plane was full of noises. People were standing in the aisle, opening the luggage compartments, talking on their phones. I thought, "Wow, we got to Chicago fast!" But then I looked around, these people, their countenances didn't look so good. I actually forget how I found out what was wrong with the whole thing, yet I remember frantically trying to make a phone call to Austin, to let the people there know that there was something wrong with my departure. For the longest time, my phone would not connect. It was very strange. My mom and grandma did not have a cell phone in the U.S., so I called one of the Christians on Campus' members so that she could pass the message to my mom.

The phone call never went through. I decided to send a text message hoping that it would reach the other side, "J, there's a blackout. The whole airport's system is down, but don't worry I think my airplane is the first in line to take off because we were already heading to the runway when the blackout happened." That was August 14, 2003, the afternoon when the notorious Northeast blackout of 2003 happened. It was "the second most widespread blackout in history after the 1999 Southern Brazil blackout" (Wikipedia, 2008). But of course, at that time, I had no clue what just happened to me. 

My mom and grandma were supposed to fly to Chicago to meet me. We were going to take a tour there, but my grandma hurt her waist so they decided to stay in Austin. Thank the Lord, they didn't have to go near any of the area affected by the blackout. 


  1. :) you should definitely find a way to "index" or categorize these "Christians on Campus" series of experiences - they are nice stories but if someone wants to read them all...

    Lord, thank You for Your sovereign arrangement and Your tender care for us every day!

  2. Hi, Stefan! Thanks for the suggestion. I actually did categorize the Christians on Campus posts. It's under the title header.

    Do you think it's hard to see though?


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