Christians on Campus - Needing Older Christians

I can't believe I've written ten posts on Christians on Campus series already. Thank you for all your support. Please enjoy reading and don't forget to read my previous post on Christians on Campus: Gatherings, Activities, and A Message as well.

The beginning of my first semester was not smooth. Although I had my own apartment, I felt like I was still a wanderer in a new city. I met tons of people, mainly Christians. It was great but something was missing. I didn't know how it all began. I met an upperclassman at UT, she was part of Christians on Campus. She was very friendly and accommodating, so I decided to get help from her, "Grace, I feel like I need an umbrella." 

I remember sitting down in a cafe with her, having this conversation. She was somewhat confused by my strange comment. She asked what I meant by an umbrella. I told her, "I don't know why but within me, I feel like I need someone older to cover, to help me. You know, like an umbrella." How should I say this better? Well, to be brief, I was young and insecure. I needed someone to tell me who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do. Until today, I still don't know if Grace really got what I was trying to say but after that time, she truly became to me an entrance to the treasure house. I'm eternally grateful to her. She told me, "I want you to come with me next time, to have dinner at this older couple's house." I had no clue which couple, which part of the city she was going to take me, but I agreed to go with her.


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