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I Need a Home

Three years ago, I wrote a similar post on this topic:  Christians on Campus - I Needed a Home . At that time, I introduced you to this older couple whose home I found real rest. I was a freshman then. These few days I've been revisiting the matter of needing a home because one of my housemates brought it up in a conversation. The phrase,  I need a home,  may be simple to some but to many it can develop into a profound defining of basic human and spiritual need. First, let's explore the human perspective of having a home. Economists would say the most basic unit of an economy is a household. A home is where real formative activities happen. Whether or not the constituent of an economy is happy and healthy depends on what's happening at the most basic level. Society today realizes how crucial it is to nurture a healthy home where their children can rest, grow, and develop in a normal way. Humanly we all need a healthy home where we can rest and care for our young. Likewi