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MVP: The Most Valuable Person in the Lord's Eyes

Last week I wrote Only Lovers Can Be Mighty . Being a lover and a warrior are two sides of the same coin. This week though I was reminded of a fellowship I had with Mr. Danker, an older brother in the Lord, concerning: Who would be the most valuable person in the Lord's eyes? Previously I considered being a lover and being the most valuable person as pretty much identical. I mean if you're a lover to someone, then by default, aren't you the most valuable person in that someone's eyes? Our answer would, of course, be yes. Now let us consider together. If that lover of yours truly, deeply, fervently, crazily love you, but simultaneously strong in the sense of always insisting upon his/her ways, styles, concepts of values, standards, and opinions; is he/she still practically the most valuable person in your eyes? Tough question, isn't it? But I would say practically no. Please do not misunderstand me here. I have not defined the characteristics of a true lo

Only Lovers Can Be Mighty

Continuing from my last post on our Christian mission in choosing to be part of the mighty ones  is another quote by R. Kangas, inspired by the divine romance portrayed in Song of Songs chapter 3: "We are not trained to be mighty ones merely by being sent to a barren place to pass through one hardship after another. Rather we are trained by maintaining and nurturing our love toward our Beloved. Our Beloved is the mighty One. His love prevails... We should not allow the enthusiasm of war or the thrill of victory to interfere with our steady, developing, ongoing romance with the Lord." The mighty ones are God's army, beautiful in the Lord's eyes and terrifying to the enemy ( Song of Songs 6:4 ). Yet what's so astonishing about this army is the fact that all these ones are firstly LOVERS! In a sense, to the mighty ones, they do not go to war to win, they go to war to "waste" their lives upon the One whom they have loved. To the mighty ones, this spiri

Our Christian Mission: Being Part of the Mighty Ones

Recently, I met quite a few Christians dedicating their time and energy to go to missions: building houses, giving out free food and clothing, providing various kinds of medical assistance, etc. All with good intentions to help mankind and to tell them about Jesus. I admire these ones. Yesterday, however, I read a quote that charged and challenged me with a high commission. As Christians, as part of the Church, we are quite familiar with the evangelistic commission given by the Lord Jesus in appointing us to "go forth and bear fruit" ( John 15:16 ). John 15 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible, loaded with crucial aspects in organic growth, fruit-bearing, increase, multiplication, and so forth. However, hardly ever mentioned by most Christians is the fact that as Christians, as part of the Church, we are also involved in a great spiritual battle ( Ephesians 6:10-20 ) to represent God in carrying out His judgment upon the enemy, the devil. This is truly