"They shall be full of sap and green"

Po and I just came back from our road trip to Tennessee this past weekend. We drove from Texas to Memphis, then all the way east to Johnson City. We went back to Memphis via the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Sweetwater, and Chattanooga. All in one week. We were on the road all week. I have to say, Tennessee is a beautiful concoction of history and nature (two of my favorite things). 

Centennial Park, Nashville
In Memphis, we stayed with three dear Christian ladies in their home. I didn't ask them how old they were but they were like my grandma's age. Po and I had a wonderful time with them. What impressed me the most was the fact that they were always so joyful and lively in the house - praying, singing hymns, and praising the Lord. They were definitely not silent Christians. One of them actually worked in a nearby restaurant and whenever she had the opportunity, she would speak to her customers about the Lord. The other lady (she's in her 70s) would rise up early to call younger believers to pray and read the Word together. And in the evenings, they would either invite people to their home for dinner or they would go visiting others to fellowship with them. Even when we were staying there, they would always have people over for a meal and we would fellowship around the dining table. 

Clingmans Dome, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
I don't know how they got to where they're at now but I'm sure things weren't, aren't, and won't be always happy and easy for them. Po and I were very encouraged. It was like, "So it's possible to live such a life of shepherding and rejoicing. It's possible to be 'full of sap and green' (living and fresh) in your old age." 

"They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; They shall be full of sap and green," 
(Psalm 92:14)


  1. What an encouraging pattern! It makes me want to be on a path that leads to being full of sap in my old age! It also makes me want to shepherd more now!

  2. Yes! It's very encouraging to learn that it's true - there's the all-sufficient grace, never powerless. Many times I'd give up before I actually go out of my way to shepherd others; thinking that I'm not qualified, not having good social skills, not fun, etc. But hey, it doesn't depend on what I can do, does it?

    These sisters' living helped me to realize that all we have to do is just to be open to follow the Lord. He is the real Shepherd within us.

  3. the trip was awesome. the sisters in memphis made the drive so worth it!! :D


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