Another selah!

Dear readers,

I apologize for the delay of the next post. I just had the busiest week of the year this past week, so please bear with me. But I do have a quote from Mrs. L's husband, "Progress depends upon the Lord's blessing." This quote encapsulates my week, helping out with a Christian club in a nearby university.

The first order of business of any Christian work is to pray; that I learned. Also, we must love one another in the Lord so that we can be the proper container for His abundant blessings. These blessings, of course, are not mere material blessings. The Lord's blessings include who He is, what He has done and is doing. Who He is and what He has done and is doing are very much related to our personal spiritual progress and the progress of our Christian labor.

That's all for now! Gotta get some rest and proceed onto the next week.

Ready to write,

Simply Katherine


  1. sometimes we CAN and have time, somehow, to post on the blog... other times, under the Lord's sovereign arrangement, we can't In all these we want to grow, go on with the Lord... :)


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