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Jesus is God

Every time I visited Mrs. L, I saw a framed Chinese calligraphy hung on the wall behind where she was sitting in the living room. One day I decided to ask her what the writing meant. It read, "Jesus is God." I didn't consider it much then. That was about a decade ago. Shortly before she went to be with the Lord, Mrs. L told a few believers who were caring for her in her last days that we must fight to stand with this fact, that Jesus is God. At her memorial service, we sang over and over again proclaiming, "Jesus is God." I took this into my heart but frankly, I could not understand why this was such a big deal. I immediately thought of some out there claiming that Jesus was a mere man and that He wasn't God Himself, or that after He died, He ceased to exist. I thought this was only a battle of doctrines. Recently I read a study on the walls of the New Jerusalem. I learned that one of the primary functions of the walls was to protect the interest of

There's A Life That's Deeper Than Our Mind

This past week I helped my youngest brother moved to start college. Without much delay, we found ourselves sitting in a cozy living room with a happy rescue dog lying down in the center of the room waiting to be petted. It was Friday night and we were surrounded by dear believers, young and old, singing hymns to the Lord. My heart was deeply touched that we could go to a new city and jumped right into a fellowship that was low-key but in essence, dripping with life. Bringing my brother to this new city reminded me of my own transition as a freshman in college. Both my brother and I came from a high school in another country. No one could convince me otherwise, all these years Christ in the church has been the anchor of my soul. The Christ in the ministering of the word, in the church, continuously heals and humbles me.  This does not mean I never struggle. I did encounter questions in my heart and at times came across offenses that hurt. But the power of life in the ministry of