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Community: How the Church Includes us

Please see my previous post on  Christ Satisfies . Growing up, I wasn't good at meeting people or making friends. My community was my extended family, they were mostly Christians. I really thought that was enough, that I needed nothing more. Eventually we moved to a bigger city to be with our parents. I moved there when I was twelve and so all those years until I graduated from high school, I began to learn people skills. No doubt, I had a circle of friends. Yet no matter how close we were, I always hesitated to tell them the inward troubles that I had concerning my Christian walk with the Lord, my family issues, and so on. Most people thought I was friendly but very reserved. Until one day, our family was hit by a major crisis. Everything seemed to be okay outwardly but inside, I felt quite devastated. The problem was I could not find a single person to go to. At that time, I didn't want to talk to my family about the matter lest I'd cause more troubles in

Christ Satisfies

I apologize for the late post. I did not withhold anything from you. In my last post, the claim was clear and straightforward:  Christ satisfies and the Church includes us. The truth behind the delay is I'm having a hard time trying to write more about this claim. Not because I don't have any supporting facts but it's because I have too many. I'm having a dilemma in finding the most fitting perspective to share with all of you concerning Christ and the Church (the use of upper-case "C" for the word "Church" is mainly for emphasis). Well, one of the many ways to expound on the claim is to share it from a life experience. I'm not inviting you to evaluate what I'm about to write in a doctrinal and reasonable way. On the contrary, this is a true life story. I'd love for you to, for lack of better words, sympathize, empathize, and relate in the most human way. Everyone has their own story of how they met the Lord. This one is mi