Lord Jesus, I love You.

I'm not well at all today. My head and stomach feel so tensed up. I think I have the symptoms of stressing out. Time to take a vacation! Just kidding. But then I remember from my reading on this series called the Life-Study of Exodus (it's an exposition of the Book of Exodus in the Bible), that God desires to be one with His people and the only way for us to be one with Him and to be one with His Word is to love Him.

So I'm praying now, "Lord Jesus, I rest from all my struggles and strife. I just love You, cause me to love You even more today." As I utter these words, He's infusing Himself into me. I know He is because layer after layer of all my burdens are being lifted up and within me I can sense I'm being filled, comforted... peaceful, alive, and real.

What a blessing to be able to converse with Him, to be able to touch Him, contain Him, to be one with Him. He is not a far-away God. He's right inside, so available and so experience-able.


  1. amen, Katherine, it is so simple to just turn to Him NO MATTER WHAT! Whether we're fine and have no problems or we feel sick, in everything, we can just tell Him,

    Lord Jesus, I love You!

    He's right there, He's inside of us, ready and available for us to turn to Him...

  2. How real He is! I felt enjoyment flowing in when I read your sharing. Joy bubbles up within!

  3. Thank you for all your comments. I'm glad we can all enjoy Christ in this way.


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