Christians on Campus - Gatherings, Activities, and A Message

I'm having a hard time to crack open the most wonderful experience I've had with Christians on Campus. I keep thinking what's the best way to present the secret to my spiritual progress and human development in college. To be honest with you, I haven't found it yet. But I guess I can start by giving you a little background of how my first semester looked like.

My mom's favorite ice cream.
My mom and grandma went back home. Whenever I opened the freezer and saw that my mom's favorite ice cream was not there, I would start tearing up. It was rough, but I began to attend Christians on Campus various gatherings and activities. 

There was an older man, involved with Christians on Campus, who would give a message every Saturday night. Every time he spoke, it was like he was speaking right into my inner being. Of course, he spoke from the Bible but he always had a way to make the Biblical points so practical and applicable to a young person like me. I didn't know him in person but through his speaking, he seemed to know my inward condition more than I knew myself. 

One time he shared about how bad thoughts were like evil birds, how we didn't have to be condemned if there was an evil bird flying by our head, and how the practical lesson was simply not to let the birds nest in our mind. I know it sounds quite peculiar but, trust me, until today that illustration has become my freedom from self-condemnation and my encouragement to turn my eyes from myself to 'see Jesus' (Hebrews 2:9). I was slowly learning how to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. Yet for some reasons, my inward being often fell into turmoils. I was in search for something more.


  1. Katherine, the bird example has helped me over the years too. I think about it often. Glad someone else remembers it besides me.

  2. Wow, didn't expect someone else remembers either. I hope I conveyed it somewhat accurately.

  3. This illustration has helped me so much over the years! It's such a practical handle on how to go on moment by moment with the Lord. One of Satan's biggest strategies is shot through when you know that you can command the "birds" to go away rather than allowing them to make a nest!


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