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God's Game Plan: The Secret Weapon

I know. It's not a game, it's a war. On one hand, Christ has won the victory through His first coming. He died an all-inclusive death that took care all the negative items in this universe, including Satan himself. Not only that, He resurrected and became the life-giving Spirit to indwell us and be everything to us. He also ascended, proving that indeed He had successfully accomplished God's redemption plan. However, as long as practically He has not yet become the centrality, the center , and the universality, the everything , of our lives, of this whole universe, there's a war. It seems like the whole world is going against our Bible reading time, our prayer time, our morning time with Lord, and on and on. It seems like we lose our temper and run out of patience all the time. There's a war. The way to fulfill God's ultimate plan in the divine history is by Christ as the sevenfold intensified Spirit in our spirit. (Please see references under th

"I do not love You, Lord"

I apologize for the long pause I had from blogging these past months. I moved to a new place so I've been incredibly busy and still am. So in the midst of my busyness. My sister sent me a message telling me, " I think I do not love the Lord ," and there she was in the middle of her stay in an intensive Bible truth and character training. I wrote her back, " Did you mean you do not love Him enough ?" Few minutes later, she replied, " No, I mean like I don't ." Then we decided to pick up the phone and have a little fellowship while she was roaming around the grocery store and I was in the parking lot of another grocery store in another part of the country. I asked my sister to clarify what she meant by not loving the Lord, and she explained how suddenly it hit her that she may love the Lord because she wanted something from Him. As I was listening to her, it dawned on me how often I felt like "I don't love the Lord" myself. Yu