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The Never-fading One

The Lord Jesus Christ is the unfading One!   Many things have transpired since the last time I wrote a blog post. I went to Mrs. L's burial service, went to Maine for a trip, my paternal grandmother passed away, and I've had a super busy summer being a staffer for a UT Christian club in Austin. Also I just got back from a long family trip. As every day went by, I was lamenting on the fact that my time with the Lord diminished rather fast. My body was just tired from all the activities in these past few months. I think almost everyday, I simply told the Lord how tired I was.  One night during my family trip, I was sleeping after a long day of driving up to the mountain. In my dream, I met my late paternal grandmother, a true person of prayer, worrying about her children and grandchildren. Now I'm not into dreams and all that but my spirit was stirred up in my sleep.  I told her not to worry, not to look back. I told her, "Our Christ wil