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Take Comfort in the Sovereign God

I just participated in a virtual, international Christian conference with over 80,000 attendees. The general subject of the conference was "A Timely Word concerning the World Situation and the Lord's Recovery." The messages spoken were indeed timely and sobering, especially with the timing of the current world crisis. I'm enlightened concerning where I am now and what I should be doing because God is here. He is invisible but He is right in the center of the world situation, sitting on the throne, administrating the whole universe to accomplish His purpose. It is easy to be stumbled and to ask, "Where is God? What is He doing? Why is He letting all these innocent people suffer?" This is why we truly need a spiritual vision to see the throne of God, the spiritual scene behind the world situation that we see with plain eyes, and Christ as the center of God's administration. To be honest, when I heard the consolation to be comforted because God is on the th