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God Also Needs a Home

Making ourselves at home in God is not a mere theory. This implies daily we must live in the sphere, the presence, even the person of God in the sense of living in His most intimate desire. As the Apostle Paul mentions in Philippians 3:8, "be found in Him (Christ)." So that means whether we are resting or laboring, we do all things in Him. This is challenging. Well, I discovered a marvelous phenomenon - I am most restful when He is restful, I am most satisfied when He is satisfied. Yes, God desires to rest and be satisfied. Who is God God does not have any lack in Himself. He is the Alpha and the Omega, He who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty. Omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, self-existing, ever-existing, unchangeable, perfect, absolute, and complete. Praise God! Yet He is also a purposive, yearning God. When an ordinary human being has a desire in his heart, he will purpose in himself to gain what he desires, he then will plan accordingly how to accompl

Conversations with Mrs. L - Loneliness (Part 2)

Mrs. L was once single, then she was married to Mr. L, then she was single again after Mr. L went to be with the Lord. I asked her concerning loneliness when I was still a young sister in the church. I only wish I would have the opportunity to ask her this question again at a different stage of life so that I would already be married and loneliness would reveal a deeper aspect of being human. But Mrs. L is no longer with us. I did, however, asked another older sister whom I treasured dearly. Her husband passed away more than a decade ago and she had remained a single sister ever since, still pursuing the Lord, actively running the Christian race, and serving faithfully, ministering to the Lord in the church. I remember she mentioned that she had learned to embrace loneliness like it was another natural process of human life such as aging. She said even if you were married or you had many children, loneliness would still be there to some extent. "It's real, you don't p