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Life is a Person

For those of you who know Romans 8:6 by heart, you must be quite familiar with this notion " for the mind set on the spirit is life and peace ." This verse is indeed profound, leading us to the conscious choosing of our spirit, which is mingled with the Spirit, versus the flesh. Furthermore, it leads us to take heed of the sense within the deepest part of our being-- the sense of our spirit. To recognize the sensation of death and the byproducts of death, e.g., depression, oppression, indifference, coldness, hardness, etc., then turn to our spirit by calling on the Lord Jesus so that we may experience life and peace is such a healthy and reviving practice! Nevertheless, most of us are somehow too complacent to seek and desire to fully grasp  this life . As I was reading a Christian periodical, entitled The Ministry of the Word: The Mending Ministry of John , I came across a powerful, heart-engraving paragraph: "Life is not some kind of thing, power, or influen