Minute Post: God's Compassion

I'm creating a new series entitled "Minute Posts" to jot down quick posts since I have recently been gifted a newborn and blogging time is extremely scarce. Hopefully this series will help me journal my walk with the Lord. Blogging and re-visiting my own posts have been very cherishing to me since they've been a constant reminder of how the Lord has been and has done in my life. 

This week I just finished reading The Book of Second Chronicles. Second Chronicles ends with the record of the children of Israel's deportation to Babylon and the proclamation of their release by Cyrus the king of Persia to return and rebuild God's house in Jerusalem. 

Needless to say, the deportation was a devastating event in the history of God's people. Often that's all I rememberjust how severe God's chastisement can be toward His rebellious children. I was deeply touched when I read these verses in the last chapter of 2 Chronicles (2 Chronicles 36:15-16):

"And Jehovah, the God of their fathers, sent word to them day after day through His messengers because He had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place. But they mocked the messengers of God and despised His words and scoffed at His prophets until the wrath of Jehovah rose up against His people, until there was no remedy."

God had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place. His chastisement was not without warning as if God was pleading day after day, reminding them to return to Him. In the original language, the phrase "day after day" literally means "rising up early and sending." God sent word to His children early in the morning, every day.

This morning I simply pray that I don't dismiss His sending word to me, that I respond to His beckoning word by turning my heart to the Lord. 

Dear Lord, thank you for sending word, sending Yourself as the Word of God, to me early every day. Your word is found and I eat them. And Your words become the gladness and joy of my heart. 


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