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New Year's Resolutions 2014

Two thousand fourteen is here! Another new year has dawned. Looking back to 2013, all I can do is give thanks unto the Lord Jesus for all that He is and all that He has done. At the closing of 2013, I was enlightened to consider how many of my days in 2013 were counted in the Lord's eyes. I mean not to be introspective and be gloomy about it, but to have a new beginning with repentance and returning to God Himself. It's been a refreshing experience! Also, the month of January is usually the month where people make new year's resolutions. A lot of people have decided to buy new exercise clothes to start living healthy this year and so forth. So I took some mornings to sit before the Lord and began to converse with Him concerning what kind of resolutions I should make this year. During those times, item by item concerning my past, present, future life flew by. In a brief moment, where my whole being stopped, laid bare my anxieties and cares, my contingency planning to d