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What If My Prayer Is Conditional

Recently I have encountered another interesting question, "What if my prayer is conditional? Is that okay? Can I pray a conditional prayer?" In other words, can we pray something like "Lord, I would like to serve You but will You promise to take care of my life, my family, my financial situation, et cetera"? A true story has pricked my heart. There was a sister in the Lord who served for a long period of time. She devoted her time in so many ways. However, in the latter part of her years, she began to consider that she had gained nothing out of her many years of hard labor and sufferings. So she gave up her serving life to catch up on all the things that she had missed out in "life." What happened? I was told that she didn't have a mind to suffer. The motive of her service was not to lose but to gain. My sister happened to hear this story so she called me over the phone with a realization that she didn't have a mind to suffer. It was her qu