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Selah at the End of 2012

Dear Readers, I guess I need to take a selah here at the closing of the year 2012. I will be travelling for the next two to three weeks, so I won't be able to blog then. I have to apologize for this long pause, but I think it's a good break for my eyes as well since I've been working in front of the computer a lot these days. Finally, I'll have to end with a quote from " The Law of Revival " that I happened to put into practice today. Yes, I testify that this quote worked! " Whenever we feel deadened, weighed down, or oppressed, or when we suffer the attack of our environment, we should draw on the Lord's great power, and we will be revived immediately ." p. 47 In the paragraph right before this, the author declares that the Lord who indwells us is in resurrection and is full of power. The Lord is able to break through death! We have to see, believe, accept this fact!  Have a blessed closing of the year! Grace to you all,

The Application of the Law of Revival

An anonymous reader has helped me put up some quotes from the book I recommended last week, The Law of Revival , by Witness Lee . I'm about to do the same in this post. Pardon the length of the post, but I promise you'll appreciate all the quotes I will include. Seriously, if I could, I would memorize the whole content of this book.  The book begins by presenting the need for the Lord's serving ones to have a new beginning (see Chapter 1), to be delivered from living according to feelings , and to open to the Lord to bring in a new revival (Ch. 2). Then it further elaborates on the Law of Revival (Ch. 3) and its application (Ch. 4). In the final chapter, the book concludes with the matter of knowing the Lord's resurrection through being broken . In the beginning of the book, drawing from multiple Bible verses (mainly from Song of Songs), the author profoundly explains the existence of stages and cycles in our Christian journey, which consists of many be

The Law of Revival

I've been reading a book entitled " The Law of Revival " by Witness Lee . Originally published in Chinese between 1960 and 1961, I consider the content of this book extraordinarily profound yet practical.  I'd be glad to do a book review or summary, but I genuinely believe that this book is a must-read for every Christian out there who desires spiritual growth. In other words, you must buy and read it yourself to get the full impact. I believe that in recommending a book, one must build the author's credibility and reliability. This is basic etiquette. So please allow me to briefly tell you about this book's author. Although in the past, some have misunderstood Witness Lee and thus isolated him from Western Christianity, this book is a strong confirmation of the most current statement by Christian Research Institute   that " the local churches -  the congregation associated with Witness Lee's ministry -  are an authentic expression of New Tes