Christians on Campus - God's Hand

This post is the continuation of my recent post, Christians on Campus - The Blackout. So my plane was obviously delayed for several hours, but I landed on Chicago and finally got back to Austin safely. My mom and grandma were very relieved seeing me again safe and sound.

Days after that, I followed the news on the blackout. Looking at the photos of people living in darkness in the Northeast, of the total chaos in New York City, my heart just sank. Actually I was more in shock, realizing from what kind of situation I had escaped. Just reminiscing that time, I felt like I was not grateful enough to Someone who had faithfully cared for me. 

Recently, I was listening to a fellowship given by an older brother in the Lord (he's associated with the Christians on Campus club). He said that actually all throughout our life God always has His hand over us to cover us, to protect us. I didn't really understand at first the magnitude of this statement. Now as I dwell more in this thought, my whole heart is burning with thanksgiving, love, and humbleness. 

Not many people realize that we all actually live in dangerous surroundings. Many blame God for bad things happening to good people, but the fact is without God, we will not even have a chance to sustain our existence. I wrote about my trip with my sister, driving through the Tioga Pass. It was breath-taking indeed. Imagine if all those boulders rolled down the mountains, or way worse, if the entire mountains crumbled down.

I don't know about you but I've been humbled again being surrounded by the awesome creation. I'm just a speck of dust, so vulnerable and mortal. Yet God's hand is always covering, protecting, and caring for me. Yes, once in a while, He'll lift His hand a little so that I can learn a life lesson, so that I can see where I am and where I need to be: I need to stay under God's hand.


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