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Dream the Dream of God

About a month ago, I was pressed with a need to dream. Humanly I may not have gone through a lot but since young, I have tasted the vanities of the world. Consequently, I became a dreamless person with no ambition to pursue earthly achievements.

Yet here I am, presented with another dream. God has a dream. The dream that He granted to Jacob in the book of Genesis chapter 28 is called the Dream of Bethel. Bethel means the house of God so God's dream is to have His house, where the heavenly ladder is located to connect the earth to the heavens.

I do not know how to expound on the dimensions of God's dream. It's profound, high, and all-encompassing.

God desires not a physical building but a household, a living entity that would express Himself. Therefore the gospel needs to be preached, sinners must become sons of God, the children of God must grow in a normal way, and there must be a harmonious, functioning Body of Christ that would only express one Person- Christ.

I don'…