Up and Running

So I just got back from my Spring break trip. We drove all the way from D.C. to Atlanta for twelve hours on Thursday night, got to Atlanta in the morning and headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Texas.

Long story short, I'm still recuperating from lack of sleep and backache (from sitting so long in the car). This trip was quite heavy-duty.

Overall, I really enjoyed my break. I think we all agree that one of the most memorable places we visited in Washington D.C. is the Library of Congress. 

We went to the viewing area of the Main Reading Room on the top floor. No photography was allowed so I had no record of it but we were standing behind these two tall statues of Sir Isaac Newton and Moses, overlooking the Main Reading Room from a huge window on the veranda (the following photograph is taken from Google Images).

The museum docent mentioned that Sir Isaac Newton and Moses were placed side-by-side to exhibit the fact that indeed science and faith can co-exist. That was just a small finding in the midst of many intricate details of the building but very valuable to me.

I will have to get back with you later on details. Gotta run. Sorry, y'all!


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