There Were Raccoons in My Bedroom

Pardon the mess.

The Intruders' Entrance

My sister and I were visited by wild raccoons two nights ago. Well, they fell from the ceilings right above our beds. Thank the Lord, we were not actually sleeping while it all happened.

We were in the living room when we heard a big thump in the room. So I went to open the door and peek in. We thought it was a burglar or something. I was so shocked when I saw this giant raccoon panicking trying to open the window. I quickly closed the door again.

I told my sister. We ran outside to see what it was actually doing. Well, obviously it was clawing, destroying the window blind.

But when we were outside looking into the window, this raccoon was staring back at us with both of its paws on the window.

The Heroes of the Day

We called 911 and the emergency maintenance phone number. The first to arrive was the maintenance man, 30 minutes later. He went to battle the raccoon with a cage. He told us there were actually a pair of them inside.

The second who came was the police officer, that was 45 minutes after we dialed 911. We told him that the maintenance man went into the bedroom to catch the raccoons. The officer immediately called paramedics and animal control.

And that's when the maintenance man opened the bedroom door, he walked out with a bloody forearm and knuckles, unsuccessful in his endeavor to catch either. He was able to corner them though, INSIDE OUR CLOSET.

Long story short, animal control came an hour later. After spending a good amount of time in there, she finally caught one of the raccoons and the other one ran loose back into this huge hole that they made earlier in the ceilings. The raccoons excreted many different "objects" all over the place. Apparently, one of them was wounded.

All State Animal Control

Thank You, Lord!

Today we found out that at least the one that got caught did not have rabies. Regardless, we were left with a messy bedroom and closet. We have no clean clothes yet.

The apartment management decided to help us after we pointed out the fact that we had reported clawing noises at night multiple times yet they did not resolve the problem or follow up with us. So we appreciate their professional response in helping us out.

We had to throw away a mattress, night stand, pillows, bedding, boxes, broken mirror, clothes organizers, etc. Plus we'll have to wash everything else.

SO I just want to take the time to thank the Lord that we are still alive! And also that we are being continually saved from the love of material things.

I hope life will go back to normal soon, but either way I'm thankful that Christ is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is still on the throne and He is still our real portion.

Has any of you experienced such a bizzarre happening? How did you deal with being deprived of material things?


  1. I thought I only see this in the movie lol

  2. I know it's too strange to be not true. :P

  3. Can't believe I almost died on Tuesday night....on that bed... covered with raccoon's "objects" and debris from the hole on the ceiling. But yes, the Lord is still on the throne and we dont want to miss out on praising Him!

    1. Amen. That's good! We don't want to miss out on praising the Lord!

  4. Just have to take time off now to clean up the mess, unfortunately :s

    1. Yes, been taking 2 days off work to clean up and do lots of laundry.

  5. Glad to hear you weren't in the room when they fell from the ceiling!

    1. Yes, for sure. That would be a true nightmare. I was just told that raccoons turn to grizzly bears when they feel cornered.


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