En Route to Atlanta and D.C.

I think I should be on the plane by now to my first destination - Atlanta, Georgia. I never pass up the opportunity to travel. Since my first serious road trip to Yosemite National Park two years ago, my life has never been the same. That trip convinced me that I needed to continually seek for a new, broader perspective of things.

I'm in Control

In my experience, all these travels have humbled me. Often in my daily life, because I get used to living it every single day, I take things for granted. Everything is so convenient - from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the time I go back to slumber at night. I can calculate how many minutes I need to spend for each activity. Things are predictable. So I feel like in this personal universe of mine, I'm in control.

Broadening My Vision and My Heart

Traveling sets a new horizon, broadening my being in many ways. In my Yosemite trip, I was fully convinced, indeed all creation testified that "there is God" and that "God loves man." I mean think about those majestic mountains; the spectacular scenery was too impressive that it became eerie. BUT God chose to dwell within man's innermost being, man's spirit.

My heart was welled up with thanksgiving, love, and praises toward the God "who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that every one who believes into Him would not perish but would have eternal life" (John 3:16).

Another trip I had was to Chicago. This was a while back. That travel opened my spiritual eyes concerning the churchI stayed with a group of Christians who strove to follow the vision of God's purpose and goal in the midst of all their sufferings. Their standing as a testimony of Jesus in Chicago was not extravagant, but it was definitely shining gold. The church in Chicago was far from being just a piece of physical architecture. The church was the testimony of Jesus in that city.

I witnessed the God who operated behind the scenes, the God who worked all things together for good to those who love Him. And that good is His own heart's desire, His purpose - to build up His church (Matthew 16:18).

These are just few of many experiences that I have obtained through traveling. Long story short, traveling is healthy! It is especially beneficial when we get to meet and fellowship with Christians in these different places, who love the Lord and love His church like we do. 


  1. Amen!
    Just remember to be one with our Lord so He can have the preeminence in your trip.
    Enjoy the divine life and nature in everything you do and encounter.

  2. I agree! Traveling broadens you. The danger of not traveling is that you become confident that the way you do things and view things is superior to others. It also causes you to love other people that are different from you. Can't wait for my next trip!

    1. Yes, but that would mean that we are replacing the Lord with trips. Am I too legal?
      I don’t have the opportunity to travel, so no hope for me?
      If we are enjoying the Lord we will love people no matter how they are.
      To enjoy the Lord save us from pride, self confidence, independence and so on …

    2. It's a principle, and it's just one aspect of developing our vessel. I think it's similar to saying that getting a good education can make you more useful to the Lord because it expands your capacity. Or learning a language. It makes the human vessel more "prepared unto every good work." Peter could never have been as useful as Paul was because of the difference in their qualification. Mary "did what she could" (Mark 14:8)and of course that is not to be despised, but she could never have replaced Paul. Paul had a threefold qualification through his training and upbringing in Greek culture, Roman politics, and the Hebrew religion. Travel is related to culture. Matt 25 shows that the talents that the Lord gives us are "according to our own ability." So we should do our best, not to replace the Lord in these endeavors, but render Him the greatest opportunity to do what He'd like to do through us.

    3. Amen.
      Fellowship broadens my perspective.
      Thank You, Lord, for these useful vessels in Your Body.

    4. Amen. I really appreciate the back and forth of all your fellowship. Our traveling is simply a tool, a facilitator of what's actually happening in the divine and mysterious realm. That is, it allows more fellowship to flow among all of us.

      Secondly, it's education in itself - broadening our perspective, sensitizing our feelings toward God and His creation, deepening our understanding of people with a view of God's purpose with man, etc. I think what's mentioned in above comments about travel and culture is very true.

      In the end, yes, God has arranged everything for us and has done everything for us. Yet on our part, we shall render Him our utmost cooperation in whatever way it may be. It's good to have a spirit of continual learning and growing. Thank you all for the fellowship.

  3. Reminds me of a song a few of us sang today:" "I won't give up...No!
    I will keep running until
    I have attained
    The goal of my calling!
    I must press on...Yes!
    I must pursue until
    I lay hold of Him
    Who laid hold of me!"

    Looking forward to your next visit
    .... to Chicago. :D

    1. Thanks, Barb. You always make me feel like going to Chicago again. Greetings to the church in Chicago. :)


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