"Hang on to my skirt, girls!"

The days have not been smooth-sailing for me. I'm restless within. I can't sort it out and come up with an explanation why this is so. I've been just going to the Lord again and again, asking for an understanding.

Yesterday I picked up the phone and called my companion, Judy. I told her about all these things that bothered me within - the unclarity, the uncertainty, and the indefiniteness I had been experiencing thus far. 

As we talked over the phone, both of us were clear that neither of us had the answer. Have you had such an experience before? Yes, seemingly our fellowship was just a waste of time but you know what, that fellowship had actually ushered me into a different realm - the realm of fellowship, the realm of supply, the realm of the Body of Christ.

Judy did not have a "spiritual" answer but she shared with me a story about her children. When the girls were little, Judy used to tell them, "Whatever happens, just hang on to my skirt, girls. Don't ever let go." Judy was always busy running errands so she would take her girls along. The girls were too young to understand what their mother was up to but they would not let go, they would hang on to mother's skirt no matter what happened.

"Sometimes that's what we need to do, Katherine. Just hang on to the Lord. We're like little children who don't understand what's going on but He knows. Just hang on until the time He makes it clear," Judy finished her heartwarming story.

She couldn't see me over the phone but I smiled. All my life, that's exactly how the Lord has been to me. I'm resting in the fact that He is not only my Lord but a loving, caring, protecting, covering, providing Father to me. 

My prayer is "Abba, Father, I'm hanging on to You. I love You and I trust in You. That is all."


  1. “God’s heart is set on Zion, and everything He does is for this”.
    My English is poor but it serves God’s purpose in order to make my speech economical, just like He speaks.
    Today we are ascending to Mont Zion and the difficulties we encounter in this journey constitute us with His reaches as an offering to God.
    During this ascension we praise the Lord with psalms, hymns,... and we honor the Lord with the fellowship with Him and with our companions.
    It is not an easy journey but we pay the price till we reach our goal, God Himself dispensed in us.
    Thank your for your posts.

  2. Please correct my comment. Instead of reaches should be riches.
    Thank you.
    Ps. The Lord loves us, that is a fact!

    1. Dear B.,

      Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry I actually can't edit the comments others have left me. But by the way, your English is actually very good!

      English is my second language so I totally understand how you feel. I very much appreciate your faithfulness to share your enjoyment of Christ on my blog.

      Your fellowship has greatly helped me to look away to Zion, God's heart and His goal. It's encouraging to see that the difficulties we encounter constitute us with His riches as an offering to God. That is truly marvelous!

      And the fact that you mentioned about honoring the Lord with our fellowship with Him and our companions is such a profound revelation of how the Body of Christ operates.

      Finally, thank you so much for reminding me of the price of gaining God as our ultimate goal, portion, and prize! I appreciate your fellowship very very much.

      Grace to you!

    2. You are in my prayers. Our merciful Lord is never wrong and His loving hands keep us in Him for the fulfillment of His purpose.

    3. Amen. That is right. Thank you, B.

  3. What heartwarming words! This reminds us to hang on to the Lord's word and to hang on to the other members of the Body of Christ when our own way isn't so clear. Thanks for sharing your heart, Katherine.

    1. Yes, that's it! Hang on to the Lord's word and to the other members of His Body. I just realize that this is actually a very practical help in my journey with the Lord.

  4. Thanks for sharing! After reading your post I was encouraged to call a companion and set up a prayer time.May we hang on to the Lord through the times of uncertainty or at least hang on to someone who is hanging on to the Lord :).

    1. Hi Katherine,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I'm very glad that you got to call someone and set up a prayer time. Going through times like this causes us to truly be a dependent member of the Body of Christ. It's a blessing that we can find such ones who are attached to the Head around us.

      Grace to you, Katherine!

  5. www.thechurchinnorwich.blogspot.com
    Check it out!

    1. Oh wow, you have the exact background like mine. Can I suggest that you'd use another one maybe? I actually got confused going on your website myself.

  6. As a six-year-old I had to walk home from school over a mile with my big sisiter. It was difficult keeping up with her. I'd just hang on to her skirt the entire way home.

    1. :) That's such a sweet reminiscence. When we're all big and grown up, often we forget how we are made to be dependent beings. Today I'm reminded again how I need to depend on the Lord and trust in Him for this walk of mine on earth.

      Thank you for reading this blog.


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