Singapore: The Rainy City-State

I wish it would stop raining. Po, I, and my brother are in Singapore. We're trying to visit as many places as possible in Singapore but the weather isn't cooperating at all. It's been five days since we got here in Singapore. The trip from L.A. to Singapore was remarkably filled with obstacles, due to Po's passport problem. United Airlines refused to fly us to Singapore because Po's passport is expiring soon.

Long story short, our brother helped us from back home. So five minutes before missing the flight from L.A. to Singapore (via Tokyo), the airline cleared us to fly. Then we got stuck again in Singapore, trying to get Po to pass through immigration. It was the most difficult airplane trip I've had thus far. The encouraging part was we still managed to pass a gospel tract (which includes a free Bible offer) to the airline counter's staff in LAX. She was quite receptive, although we didn't get to speak about it much (we were in a hurry, almost missed our flight).

I apologize for the lack of photos in my recent posts. Po has this nice SLR camera that she carries everywhere, so I let her take the pictures. I haven't been carrying my camera this past week. I'm the map carrier. I carry my Singapore maps everywhere. I have maps for the Sentosa Island, Chinatown, Little India, Orchard Road, oh and of course the SMRT (Singapore's bullet train). My brother teased me for carrying so many maps and opening them everywhere we go. It was interesting to learn how I depended a lot on research, user reviews, and planning. 


  1. I haven't been to Singapore in a long time. How is Sentosa now? Is it revamped?

  2. Hi, Sarah. Well, yes, Sentosa is somewhat revamped. It has this new resort area near the entrance of the island, where the Universal Studios is. I suggest spending only 3-4 days, it's still a small island, not much you can do there.


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