Human Yet Divine

human yet divineContinuing from my post on The Church Life Bubble:

And so I was told that you could actually stay and learn the human life in the church life bubble, that I didn't have to explore what's out there to experience genuine human experiences. I kept this matter in my heart, but contemplating this past year, I'm amazed with how much I've learned by just being in the church life. Some of the things that I've learned to varying degrees this past year: making a fire pit, cutting tree branches (with a saw made of a blade tapped on an old hockey stick), statistics, event planning, personal finances, people/social skills, data entry, search engine optimization, blogging, then I also learned a lot from being around more mature Christians. They're my patterns. I'm learning not just about what they believe but also how they live in their family life, in their daily life, in their church life. I'm often touched with who they are, their heart, their willingness to go out of their way to help and shepherd others. 

In short, there is an abundance of genuine human experiences in the church life. It's pretty amazing. In the church life, you're not merely living the human life, but you're in the position to stay in the divine fellowship with God and with one another (1 John 1:3). I can testify that as I'm living my human life, my experiences have always been intermixed with many conversations with the Lord and much fellowship with these Christians, who are part of my "day by day" and "house to house" church life. So, often I can't tell whether I'm having a human experience or a spiritual experience. It's both! 

One of these days, I would have to share with you my conversations with another Christian lady. Many times when I ran into a problem, I would go to her to fellowship. Her answers have always been drawn out of her own human yet divine experiences. Those answers have stayed with me, kept me, and supplied me because they are not mere human words, they are words of a mingled life - human and divine.


  1. Amen! Just like any human being on this earth, we believers need each other to go on in the Lord. Thank the Lord for the church life, in which we can practically have a living full of the enjoyment and experiences of Christ corporately! I also enjoyed that this life is both human and divine, just as the Lord is both divine and human. Praise Him!

  2. That's awesome, Reb. So on one hand, we can experience the riches of Christ in our personal relationship with Him. On the other hand, we can also enjoy the experienced Christ through the other believers in Christ. That truly adds dimensions to how rich our Lord can be.

  3. Amen, stay in the church life bubble! And I hope it remains sealed by the Holy Spirit!

    Sometimes we see someone eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we see that it is good for food and a delight to our eyes. But our vision is so limited to our own desires that we ignore the death crawling within the fruit.

    I really liked these posts about your Christian experience. I'm curious though, what would you tell a younger sister if she says the same thing as you?

  4. Thanks for the response, but could you elaborate on your question? Do you mean what would I tell a younger Christian if she wants to explore the world?


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