Christians on Campus - Activities, Fellowship, and the Homes

Continuing from my recent post in the Christians on Campus series: 

My mom and grandma went to Austin with me. I came about a month earlier than the beginning of the school semester to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. and New York City. I spent about a week in Austin with my mom and grandma, then I left them with some dear Christians in the community around the UT campus. These Christians were volunteers who helped support Christians on Campus activities and fellowship. 

Christians on Campus also had home gatherings, the home meetings, all around town in the evenings. They would eat dinner together, sing some songs, and have some informal fellowship in these Christian homes. I went to one, I think right before I left to Washington D.C. During that gathering, I came to realize how these people truly loved the Lord and desired to live their lives according to the Bible, to the Word of God.

global young leaders conferenceI still felt like dreaming, not believing the fact that I was going to live there in Austin for, at least, the next 4 years of my life. Living so far away from home, what would become of me? I was re-assessing why I was where I was.  

So I went to this Global Young Leaders Conference, where young leaders came from all over the earth, with a thought to evaluate the knowledge of the world and the worth of going global (in my case, my life-to-be in Austin would totally broaden my horizon, it would be the globalization of my life).


  1. I also enjoyed home meetings when I first came to school in Austin. When I got here I really liked that I could go to a Christian family's home and eat dinner and have fellowship. It was so sweet and awesome!
    I still go to home meetings and now I'm connected to many families in the Austin area and I can call them to fellowship, pray, and get help with all kinds of stuff.
    I love being in the homes of other believers that can care for me spiritually and practically!

    1. That's very encouraging! Someone told me before that when we walk into the door of these Christian homes, we also walk into their hearts. That means they will start praying for us and caring for us. This is when we begin to make spiritual progress... someone has been praying for us.

      And also we see our future in these homes, going on with the Lord in a normal way. The experience of being in the homes is a milestone in our Christian life.


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