The Church Life Bubble

This post is a continuation of my previous post, "My Recent Trip to Chino Hills, California." 

church bubble
I asked him if I should go out there and explore the world to find experiences that I wouldn't be able to learn in the church life bubble. So in response, he had this big smile on his face and said, "Katherine, I hope to stay in this church life bubble all my life!" I tried to reiterate my thought, "You mean, you can learn everything here?" He nodded in an emphatic way; it was a strong "yes, you definitely can" kind of nod. I didn't quite understand at that point, why he said that.

So back to the two ladies in Chino Hills. They heard the story that I just told you about. One of them nodded her head with agreement; the other shook her head and said, "There's nothing out there. Only pains and disappointments." I wasn't expecting such responses, but I began to understand why. These two middle-aged ladies had lived their lives and come to the conclusion that there was nothing else worth giving their lives to but the church life bubble. They mentioned how I was blessed to be in it from a very young age. I sensed the weight of "I wish I knew about this church life sooner" from both of them. The conversation left a deep impression within me. The answer that I received several years ago from that elder had another dimension now. 

Actually, one of my friends (she wasn't a spiritual person, but I appreciated her frankness) told me, "Katherine, if you're going out there because you want to experience failures (i.e., "human" experiences), don't." 

Guess what, this is only one side of my story on this conversation. To be continued, everyone! (Click here to go to my next post, Human Yet Divine)


  1. :) I often hear the same. Amazing how consistent testimonies can be from different people across the world.

  2. Consistent testimonies means the truth. Right, Joanne?

    By the way, were you in Christians on Campus when you were a college student? Wondering if you're the Joanne I knew from UT Austin.

  3. I am amazed how much some saints have given to be in the church life. Especially in more remote places where there aren't that many saints and they're spread far apart. The church life is what they live for. It's humbling.

  4. hurry up I'm waiting for part 2
    - Rebecca Boon

  5. Hi, Rebecca. Yes, the post is out for part 3, actually. How are you, Rebecca? Glad you're enjoying this blog. Have you read my Christians on Campus series as well?


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