A True Worship (Part 2)

worship anywhere
Continuing from A True Worship (Part 1). Christians associate worship with a 'worship time' and a 'worship place' but the Bible qualifies 'worship' with 'in spirit and truthfulness'; this is the 'worship' that the Father seeks. John 4:23-24 transcend allotted time and physical space. Here, 'in spirit' refers to man's innermost part, which was created to contact God as Spirit. Meanwhile, 'in truthfulness' refers to the divine reality that corresponds with man's genuineness and sincerity, which is the Person of Christ Himself (Col. 2:17). 

So here what I gather so far: worship involves (1) a coming forward to kiss, (2) in spirit, and (3) in truthfulness. That being said, you can worship God in your spirit anywhere, anytime, in any outward form. You can be walking down the street, you can be sitting down, you can be lying down, you can be brushing your teeth, etc. In other words, 'worship' is not just an act but a living. And since it is mentioned in the context of a sinful woman drinking of the Living Water in John 4, 'worship' here does not imply mere fear and reverence of God but it is to contact God with our spirit in truthfulness, to drink of the Living Water. How refreshing and supplying!


  1. Amen, how refreshing! I was in a young people's meeting last night and this is the topic we were talking about. I've shared it on my Facebook with them :)

  2. Amen, what a great message, O Lord, bless more seeking one can receive this message, the truth

  3. amen! In John 4 the real worship of God is associated by the Lord with drinking of Him as the living water! The real worshipping is the drinking!

    God desires such worshippers - those who drink of Him, the fountain of living waters!


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