Sanctification: The Flowing Water

Ephesians 5:26a - "That He might sanctify her; cleansing her by the washing of the water of the word,..."
I found this Bible verse today as I opened my morning devotion book. It was so timely for my post! This verse has pretty much everything I wrote about in my previous post - sanctification, cleansing, washing, and the water. Here is my interesting finding: many people identify the word 'sanctify' with 'to make holy', which is quite accurate based on its etymology (I won't get into the details on etymology today) but how exactly are you being sanctified, or being made holy? Only God is holy. So then, can you imitate God? Would you try harder to be a little bit holier today? Until when are we going to strive to be good, to be better? 

The truth is man cannot save himself. Watch my video in the previous post, and soon we'd come to a simple realization: there's a powerful dispensing of God as Living Water. Our being will be spontaneously, inwardly cleansed and transformed by our opening and receiving of the mighty flowing Water. How do we receive the Living Water? Let's talk about that another time.


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