The Axiom: Man is a Vessel

Blaise Pascal talked about man having a God-shaped vacuum (click here to see Pascal's quote). So let's consider this for a moment. The proposed axiom: man is a vessel or a container. I'd like to deliberate a thought process based on this axiom.

First, based on that axiom, just like any other container, by default, man existed empty. This makes sense because we all have experienced how human being always longs to be satisfied, to be fulfilled, or I should say, to be filled with something.

Second, due to this sense of emptiness, man thus has tried to fill himself with education, relationships, entertainment, reputation, money, you name it. Nevertheless, the thirst, the hunger pang, the emptiness would return again and again. Seriously, isn't that our experience? Not knowing what exactly we're meant to contain, we become restless, trapped in a cycle of a senseless contradiction. We're like misused vessels, filled with things that just don't match with what we really are inside. In other words, we think a new car will make us happy but within a month after the purchase, we'd start rethinking if that new car is really what we want or need.

The dirt-filled glass above, is that who we are? Grossness is not the main problem here, what's really troubling is actually the apparent misuse of the container.

(to be continued, click here for The Process)


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