Sanctification: Inflow and Outflow

This is the continuation of my post entitled "The Axiom: Man is a Vessel," how man has tried to fill himself with variety of content, to fill the vacuum within, the thirst and hunger deep inside. You may call this: every man's pursuit of happiness. But such endeavor has left us with a condition of a senseless contradiction. Man is filled, but not with the right content. Thus man has become full but still thirsting.

I made a video, which illustrates the process of thorough washing/cleansing by receiving the continuous dispensing of flowing water. The Bible claims that God has gone through a process to become so available to us. The God who dwells in the unapproachable light (1 Timothy 6:16) now has become the Living Water (John 4:14). This is the gushing up Water, ready to fill and to overflow. Many Christians talk about sanctification or renewing. These are big words, not easy to grasp though profound in their meanings. To me, the practical application of these big words is as simple as the illustration below.

(click here for Part 2)


  1. I love this video! What a good illustration. Thank you!


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