Conversations with Mrs. L - Reigning by Being Ruled

Continuing from Conversations with Mrs. L - A Turmoil in My Church Life, so she listened through the whole thing, which I expounded in tears. Then I asked her, "Mrs. L, I'm very grieved with the decision that they made. I feel like I should tell them more information so that they would have a better view on the matter." She smiled. She grabbed her own left arm and showed it to me, "Katherine, if the left arm is hurting, do you tell the other arm that it's hurting or do you tell the head?" I was taken back. I knew... that she knew... that I knew the answer. As Christians, as the Body of Christ, we only have one Head. Our Head is Christ. In other words, Mrs. L asked me to pray and to pour out all my heartaches to the Head. It dawned on me, I had been living in a world where everything needed to be verbalized or voiced out lest things would not get done the right way. Well, let's say things would not get done according to my expectations. I forgot... that I'm not the Lord, that the best I could do was just to let Him be the Lord. Also, when the Lord put those who are more mature than me to take the lead, I have no ground to rebel, even to revolt in an inward way.

I learned two more lessons. One, eventually as time went by, I realized my short-sightedness. The fellowship was actually thorough and carried out in much wisdom. Two, as a young person, I need to learn to live a life under authority before the Lord. You know, Mrs. L is small in stature - and that day, she spoke to me concerning a hidden, submissive life before the Lord -yet I felt like she was so big and her words were filled with real authority.

This may sound foreign to some but I had encountered and witnessed a profound fact: reigning by being ruled. What a contrast to our assertive behavior, our confidence to claim our rights and to put out our views!


  1. I love how you put it--she was so small in stature and speaking about being hidden and submissive, but you sensed real authority. What a blessed encounter!

  2. Wow, I love this.. such a practical experience and explanation. We wouldn't tell the other arm if it is hurting, we tell the head!

    Thanks for sharing!


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