Saturdee with Po

09:00 A.M.  - Left eye opened.
10:00 A.M.  - Right eye opened. Rolled to the right side. Right foot hanging. Thump! Up and awake. Turned to the left. Sighed. "Po~ wake up! We need to go out soon." 
10:05 A.M.  - "Po, let's go."
10:10 A.M.  - "Po, come on. Let's go."
10:15 A.M.  - "Po, hurry up. Let's go."
10:20 A.M.  - "Hey, let's go."
10:25 A.M.  - "Po..." Po rolled her eyes and said, "Can you say something different?"
10:30 A.M.  - Left the apartment.
10:37 A.M.  - 

Stuck in downtown traffic!

11:00 A.M  - Ugh! Couldn't find a parking spot to go to the Farmer's Market, so left for Botanical Garden instead. 


12:00 P.M.   - Yum! Lunch! My fave slice of pizza is Pizza Margherita! 

Margherita slice on the left

 01:00 P.M.  - We were melting under the Texas' sun after lunch, so we decided to cross the street and get the super refreshing Iced B.B. from a local coffee shop.

Espresso shots, hazelnut flavor, milk, and some not-sure-what deliciousness.

02:00 P.M.  - "Po, let's get some herb plants before spring is over." Yay, 2 for $5. 

Italian Parsley & Sweet Basil

03:00 P.M.  - So that was the half-Saturdee I spent with Po. Btw, I'm thinking to try out making spaghetti aglio e olio, using my own parsley. Hmm, one of these days...

"Po, this is totally you chillax-ing!!!"


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