Conversations with Mrs. L - A Turmoil in My Church Life

calla lily
Okay, so to continue sharing my Mrs. L's moments with you, I have to introduce you to a deeper dimension of my life. I'm not saying I have two separate lives but behind all things that I do outwardly (I eat, I sleep, I work, I study, etc.), there's a realm, called the church life, that I'm living in. The church life, just like what it literally denotes, refers to the practical life of the church. That being said about the church, of course, I'm not referring to the brick building I pass by everyday to go to work. I'm talking about the people. The church life is like the practical inter-mingled, inter-related, interdependent life of all these Christ-centered people together. 

Back to my story. That particular afternoon I was so distraught. There was a fellowship among the responsible ones in the church for a certain matter and the result of that fellowship was carried out. I experienced an inward turmoil because plainly put, I was in a disagreement with that fellowship. I really thought they were missing some important information on the matter. I fear God and I never want to be found to be against Him or His deputy authority, which in this case, they were the older, more mature Christians whom I truly respect. So I went to Mrs. L. There I was, sitting next to Mrs. L, in front of the flower pot on her coffee table.


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