Conversations with Mrs. L - A Washing from My Complicatedness

I can't exactly remember the sequence of all my conversations with Mrs. L. But I think my first long conversation with her was about my grandmother.

Mrs. L asked me how my grandmother was doing: her health and her Christian church life. Actually until today I'm still not clear how my grandmother and Mrs. L met. I only know my grandmother loves to send her bird's nest (an Asian delicacy for health). But that day I told Mrs. L that I had not talked to my grandmother for several months. I had a very tight schedule, was busy with life, and my grandmother lived in another country so making a phone call was always difficult. Mrs. L smiled and told me, "Oh, your grandmother would be so happy if you call her. This is how older people are, they're just happy when their grandchildren talk to them. Your grandmother misses you."

There I was, thinking that she would teach me a very spiritual lesson in life. Yet it was so simple, so human. I couldn't explain it well but I felt like our conversation refreshed my soul. I experienced a washing from all my complicatedness. Before she even told me to call my grandmother, I knew my grandmother would love to hear my voice. My grandmother is a faithful believer of the Lord. She's always in the kitchen, serving others with food, hospitality, and fellowship. She's also faithful in visiting others who are in need, sharing the good news of salvation to so many. She cares for the younger ones, and she also remembers to attend to the older ones. But she has a tumultuous life; she herself needs others to encourage her to go on. This is why Christians are not meant to live an individualistic life, we need one another in so many ways.

My conversation with Mrs. L caused me realize that as a young person, a young believer, I needed to learn to be human, even to my closest relatives. My heart welled up with sweetness as I walked away from Mrs. L's house. I bought a new phone card, to call my far-away beloved grandmother.


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