Facts for Life (Human Body)

So on the last post, I guess you have to have a flash player to play the slideshow. Sorry about that, since the post would be a little harder to follow without it. Anyway, moving on. More findings from a booklet called "There is God":
human anatomy
  1. The human heart pumps 72 times a minute, or 40 million times a year, while awake or asleep. Every day an adult heart pumps blood through 100,000 miles of blood vessels, enough to travel around the world 4 times. It pumps enough blood to fill 2,000-gallon tank car every day. If one were to pile up the red blood cells in his body, the height would exceed that of Mt. Everest 5,000 times.
  2. The nose inhales air 17 times a minute. Everyday it has to process about 14,000 liters of air. In addition to adjusting the temperature of the air, it also has to temper its humidity and filter its dust. A man-made machine that will handle all these three functions might weigh 100 lbs.
Let's make up a some-million-years experiment. So here it is:
  -Prepare a bunch of wires
  -Put it on the ground, and that's it! Just leave 'em for some million years. 

Do you really think that some million years later it will turn into a super computer? Of course not! Someone needs to build a computer with those wires if you want to have a computer. Likewise, can you just throw some microorganisms and let them flourish into a civilization?

Okay, so wires are lifeless objects. Let's take another vantage point of this. Given the jaw-dropping facts above for what a human body does, think about this: human being does develop from two cells, and you know what, the fetus consistently turns out to be human. 

There are too many signs of harmony, consistency, regularity, proportion, and stability for a mere random origin. One of these days, we all need to admit that our existence is truly a wondrous design. 

Last thought to consider for the day: now, if I had to spend multi-million dollars for a particular project, that means I must have had a great purpose in mind to be able to want to invest that big. Right? 

Check this out, if the Maker of this universe were to charge man for our energy consumption (the sun, the air, etc), we would have to come up with more than 160,000,000,000,000 US dollars a day. But all this sunshine and air has come to us free!

It's then safe to say, the greatest purpose of all lies in the possession of the Maker of this wondrous design, i.e. God's purpose = the meaning of our existence


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