There's No Hero in the Church

Today is the third time I heard it: "Remember, Katherine. There's no hero in the church."

It's so good to be reminded again and again that I'm not a hero. Maybe I'm a workaholic or a perfectionist or both; I like to give 110% in everything that I do, including in activities related to church service.

Well, it's been almost a year since I'm involved with this project for our campus outreach. I went into this project with no background whatsoever in the specific field that I'm now involved with.

So I worked hard to study, to catch up, to manage, and even to effectively communicate with others who are helping with the project. I knew from the start that this was not an ordinary job. This is the Lord's work, so I cannot handle it in a common way.

Looking back, this whole year has been a good training for me. I've been having a hard time because this outreach project is on a voluntary basis, so often the people who are helping out with the project do not get to finish the tasks on time. I'm not blaming them because they also have another full-time job.

So at the end of the day, I'm tempted to just finish all these tasks by myself. But then I get so tired that I wouldn't be able to attend to my other responsibilities.

Recently I began to be frustrated because I felt like I underperformed in many other things. I started to fear people would think that I didn't do enough. 

The truth was I wanted to be a hero- someone who can manage to do a lot of things at once and do them right.

The reminder of "there's no hero in the church" was exactly what I needed to hear. I began to realize that I should really take heed of this word because our God is the God of measure.

2 Corinthians 10:13 says,
"Now we will not boast out of measure, but according to the measure of the rule which the God of measure has apportioned to us, to reach to you also."
I realize that I'm just not meant to do everything because I'm not meant to boast out of the measure of the rule that God has apportioned to me. That's why in the church, in the Body of Christ, we truly need one another. 

Every member is indispensable because there are certain things that I don't have but another member has; there are certain things that I can't do but another can do. Just like a mouth can speak but it needs the eyes to see, and vice versa. We cannot be self-sufficient because we are one body in Christ and we are members one of another.

I don't have to be a hero because I simply can't be one! It's God's ordination in His wisdom that I would need to fellowship with the other members of the Body of Christ to receive their supply and practical help.

We can only do what we're apportioned to do so that we will not be able to boast beyond our measure. Actually it is so that the Lord can get all the glory, don't you think? It is so that we would live in the principle of the Body of Christ, that we would depend on one another.


  1. Really appreciate this post Katherine a this is definitely my experience. We actually touched on this last night in the San Jacinto Bible study with 2Cor 12:9 that His power is perfected in weakness. We need out weaknesses so that we would depend upon the Lord and the other members of His Body!

    1. 2 Corinthians 12:9 is a very encouraging verse, Caitlin! Thanks for sharing!

      It's quite striking that this principle of dependence is actually consistent throughout the New Testament. I'd be the first one to confess that many times my concept needs to be re-calibrated to match the divine thought in the Bible.

  2. You're right. A hero implies that you can do everything by yourself, but we need one another. It's true, we always try to be heroes but the truth is we can't!

    I had the same experience: wanting to do everything but then I couldn't, so I got frustrated. What had saved me was to depend on others.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dana, I'm glad that you commented on my blog post and shared some of your experience to enrich my post. All of us have passed through a similar experience in our walk with the Lord, haven't we?

    This proves that we are meant to depend on one another because we are members one of another in the Body of Christ.

  4. Kat, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. I can definitely relate to what shared here.

  5. Praise the Lord that we are members one of another in the Body and that the Lord does not need heroes but just members functioning according to their measure.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog and simply wanted to say hello! I appreciate your openness and heart for the Lord! Much grace!

    1. Hi Sarah! I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog. Thanks for your encouragement. Even today I'm learning a little bit more to open to the Lord and the fellowship in His Body.

      May the Lord keep our heart and soft for Him and His purpose.

      Much grace to you too!

  7. Hey,
    It's Rebekah Bae.

    I enjoyed your blog a lot.
    It is refreshing me.
    Thanks to you, I could enjoy the Lord from this morning(Korean time).

    Good blog!!
    Keep blogging and refresh christians in the world:)

    1. I hope you come back to my blog often, Rebekah. You can even subscribe via email.

      Glad you got refreshed by reading this blog. That's a big encouragement to me. Thanks!

  8. Katherine,

    This is right on according to my experience as well. Thanks for sharing. We all need help all the time.


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