Summer 2012 Puerto Rico Blending Trip: The Island

Finally I got a chance to sit down and begin this amazing post on my recent summer vacation with Christians on Campus in Puerto Rico!

Also known as "La Isla Del Encanto" (lit. The Island of Enchantment), Puerto Rico was truly a mesmerizing island. Although I originally came from a tropical island, Puerto Rico was something else. The shades of blue across the horizon were awe-striking.

Playa Sucia, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Playa Sucia, Cabo Rojo (Credit: J. Hernandez)

Nature is definitely at the top of my favorite destinations, but Puerto Rico has much more to offer. You can see bright and bold colors exuding the island's rich culture. This is most apparent when you decide to take a leisure walk in Old San Juan, in the northern part of the island. 

Old San Juan
Old San Juan (Credit: L. Coy)

To be honest, I'm not sure where to begin and where to end. Puerto Rico has plenteous stories to tell. "Castillo de San Felipe del Morro" (or El Morro) is one of them. Its magnificent structure had guarded the island from naval attacks for about 400 years. 

El Morro
Aerial View of El Morro (Credit: WLIW New York)

El Morro, Puerto Rico
View from El Morro, Old San Juan (Credit: J. Hernandez)

I have to admit that this trip has been my best summer vacation thus far! I was continually surrounded by stunning scenery and loving brothers and sisters in Christ. Almost too good to be true!

Stay tuned for more posts on my blending trip to Puerto Rico!

Please continue to my next post, Puerto Rico: The People.


  1. This was truly an amazing trip! Can't wait for your next post! :)

    1. Thanks, Danielle! Which place in PR did you like the most?

  2. I keep hearing about the beautiful scenery in Puerto Rico, and I met many people from there... I LOVE these pics both from you and the others who went to visit! I want to see more :)

  3. I wouldn't mind going there myself :) looking forward to your next post on your blending trip.

    1. Thanks, Andrea. The next post is in the works. Coming up soon!


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