Christians on Campus Fall 2011 College Conference (Part 1)

Everyone is packing to go to the college conference tomorrow. We're having a regional college conference. Students from several universities, from all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, and more, will be gathering together to worship the Lord, listen to life-changing messages, fellowship, pray, and interact with each other. This fall, Christians on Campus is revamping their college conference's structure to a more engaging, interactive format. The conference will definitely put more emphasis on active participation in smaller groups, especially on the practice of speaking. There will be many opportunities for college students to share their experiences with one another. Mutuality is very much encouraged. 

Christians on Campus Fall 2011 College Conference

I'm quite excited myself to be able to go and participate in this conference. My right foot is still recovering from a recent injury, but I just can't miss out on this one. The topic will be "God's Move Through Young People," it's an inspiring topic indeed. This reminds me of my first college conference in Texas, about 8 years ago. 

Remember, the older man I mentioned in my previous post on the Christians on Campus series? Yes, Don. He actually spoke in that conference. It was Fall semester 2003. He spoke for an hour and a half on church history. God raised young men throughout the history to answer a higher calling. That higher calling is the call to cooperate with God in His move on the earth. Don took us through a bullet train experience on church history. I couldn't recall every name he mentioned, dozens of them. I'm sure there were many more, but in an hour and a half, he gave us a panoramic view of how God has moved throughout the ages. Stellar! 

After listening to Don, I felt like a speck of dust in the massiveness of God's move for the accomplishment of His eternal purpose. Yet in the midst of almost reaching 7 billion people on the earth, I had the opportunity to learn the divine history behind the apparent human history. By God's mercy, I was no longer confined in the universe of my own narrow life. I don't know how to share the sensation I had within after that message, and the sensation I have whenever I'm reminded of what was spoken. There are thousands and millions Christians throughout the ages, why did and does God call some to a higher calling to participate in His move? What is God's move? How can we be part of His move? I hope to find out more this coming weekend at the Christians on Campus College Conference Fall 2011. I'll get back with you afterward.


  1. Amen! It reminds me how when He was calling His disciples, He called the young ones. James and John was with their father fishing, but Jesus didn't call Zebedee, He called his sons, the young ones! Lord, we just want to be so useful for Your move!

  2. Yes, the Lord did call the young disciples. Actually many of us didn't realize how young the disciples were when they were called by the Lord. They could all be under 25 years of old, since the Lord Himself was only 30. What a privilege to be able to respond to His call at a young age.

  3. Wow, this conference sounds great! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back :)


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