The Divine Accounting

My sister, Po, is studying accounting in one of the top business schools in the U.S. She's super busy but I appreciate her endeavor to make time for the Lord and the church life. That's an important prelude to my story. So here we go.

divine accounting

Long story short, about two years ago, I was given the responsibility to own a house (I know it sounds strange, I should be happy getting a house for "free"). Yet with that ownership, there would be taxes and other liabilities. In my head, a balance sheet kept appearing. That's right, every asset is always followed by some kind of liabilities. Well, let's see. Fixed assets are tied to depreciation. Current assets can incur operating expenses, e.g., inventory generates the cost of holding goods in stock. Liquid cash is vulnerable to inflation rate, while accounts receivable are problematic in themselves if they're never met with actual payments. It wasn't that difficult to come up with a realization that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Only Christ is pure gain. It's a fact because my experiences of Christ have confirmed this again and again. Christ does not depreciate, on the contrary, the more I know Him in a deeper way, His value exponentially appreciates. 

Also, if you have any background in economics (Po studied that too), there's this measure of relative satisfaction received by a consumer after consuming a good or service, called utility. A good or service can cause a consumer's utility to increase but usually at a certain point the law of diminishing return kicks in. Okay, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, basically it's like this: when you eat your first glazed doughnut, it literally melts in your mouth; your second one tastes pretty good as well. But then your third is somehow a little bit hard to swallow, and by the time you get to the fourth one, you start feeling sick. So that's when the diminishing return begins because from then on the more you consume, the less happy you'll become. How disappointing - that's the first thing that comes to my mind. But it is not so with the enjoyment of God. By default, I'm always looking for something to make me happy, something to do to entertain me. Yet one day, I had an injury that didn't allow me to physically move much so I decided to sing hymns. I picked up a hymn book and started singing hymns with my whole heart day in and day out for several months. The enjoyment never grow old! Everyone, Christ is the real, pure enjoyment! Guess what, the taste of this enjoyment of Christ does not diminish; on the contrary, the more we enjoy Him, the deeper, richer, sweeter, fuller He becomes to us! It's pretty awesome!


  1. Our feelings change, our currency changes. Today everyone is looking for stability, but actually they are looking for Christ. It's good to be reminded that He is the One who always satisfies!

  2. Yes! It's just interesting that the products of human civilization/intelligence, such as accounting and economics, have alluded to the futility of man's search, knowledge, calculation, however way you want to call it. I mean, when the rubber meets the road, man (humanity in general) has to face the most crucial juncture in his/her life. That juncture is the moment of truth where he/she needs to choose between 'temporal' or 'eternal', 'corruptible' or 'incorruptible'.


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