Conversations with Mrs. L - The Role of a Woman in the Church

LetterI've been blogging on my Christians on Campus series these days, so I just decided to revisit my experiences with Mrs. L. For those who want to read the previous posts on this series, click here for Conversations with Mrs. L

Recently, I've been wanting to write Mrs. L a letter. The last time I tried to visit her in July she was resting, recovering from a surgery, so I didn't get to see her or talk to her at all. Well, since she needed a lot of rest, I thought maybe I could just write her a letter so that she'd be able to read it at her convenience. But I never get to write anything yet.

I really want to thank her for all her words of grace, of life, that she had infused into my being. In particular, I was always impressed with her answer to the question I had concerning the role of a woman in the church. You may think it's an old-fashioned concept. "I'm young and capable, so why be limited with this thought of how to function as a woman, a sister, in the church?" many thought. By the Lord's mercy, my heart inclines toward the Word of God. In the Book of Genesis, God created man and woman; and in the church, God has a certain ordination as well. I don't know about you but in my experience, whenever I stay within God's ordination, deep within me, I truly enjoy the sense of "life and peace". I'm not here campaigning for a certain ideology or doing anything of that sort. 

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to ask her this question because I thought surely she'd say, as sisters, our primary function would be to pray. We have plenty of examples of women praying in the New Testament. I didn't intend to ask her an "obvious" question, but one time I was talking to her son-in-law. He said, "Just ask questions, even those that you think you already knew the answers to." So based on that, I asked the question, "Mrs. L, what is our primary role as sisters in the church?" 

Like always, Mrs. L answered in a warm yet steady tone, "We need to let the brothers take the lead, Katherine." At first, I was simply amazed with how Mrs. L put this matter of the sisters submitting to the brothers' leadership as our primary position in the church, but what is this thing about letting the brothers to take the lead? 


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