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Dear new readers,

I have posted many solid contents in the past few months. I think it's a good time to pause so that I can help you get oriented with my blog. To those who would like to follow, I'm trying to make it easier for you to choose with what platform you'd like to follow my posts. On the top right corner, you have the options to subscribe via email or feeds. Then you'd have to confirm who you are with your email address, Facebook, or Twitter account.

I usually blog about thoughts and ruminations on life. I'm a Christian, so many times my perspectives on life reflect what I believe and whom I have believed into. But sometimes I marvel on the facts of life that keep pointing to the same direction, the ultimate purpose of human existence itself. And it has something to do with God.

I have two popular mini-series on my blog: Christians on Campus and Conversations with Mrs. L. Both revolve around my life as a young Christian. They are factual stories based on my real experiences of learning and growing in life. You can check out my older posts either by going through my blog archives or go to any category that you'd find interesting. The archives are located on my right column, while categories are located on the top navigation bar of this website. 

I greatly appreciate your comments as well. Hopefully this can be a way for me to interact with you all. Please leave comments, ask questions, and share your responses. I'm more than willing to know what other people think about the topics I've blogged about. Also, if you want to swap links with me, please feel free to drop a comment on my newest post.  

Enjoy reading this blog! Thank you for all your support.

Keep it real, everyone! 

Simply Katherine


  1. I love reading about your conversations with Mrs. L. I feel like I'm learning so much from them. Thank you for sharing and please continue sharing them!


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