Christians on Campus - In Search for the Destination for My College Career

I feared living in a foreign environment, knowing no one whom I could trust. So this is how I heard about Christians on Campus. In her teens, my mom had a Christian mentor. She and this mentor became close friends throughout the years. Apparently this mentor's daughter had just entered senior year at UT

She told my mom how great it was to send her daughter to Austin, to be with these pursuing Christians. She specifically referred my mom to Christians on Campus. My mom went home and told me to consider Austin, Texas, as a possible destination for my college career. I looked it up, asked around about it, checked out the UT website online, and researched what Christians on Campus was all about. 

It was not like suddenly I knew everything about UT, Christians on Campus, or Austin but something within me caused me to drop everything else and focus to get into UT the next year (I already missed the deadline to apply for that fall semester). This was the beginning of my one-year waiting. I'll tell you more what's the real worth of this waiting period.     

sunrise austin
Sunrise from Pflugger Bridge (downtown Austin, Texas).


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