Conversations with Mrs. L - How to Live

how to liveFollowing a request from a reader to continue on Conversations with Mrs. L, I want to share with you my old plain question that I had asked Mrs. L about a year ago. You have to understand the context of this question though. So here we go. Mrs. L is a ninety-some year old experienced Christian. Her husband passed away about 14 years ago, but everyone knew that Mrs. L was a devoted wife. She had faithfully rendered the utmost aid to her husband and to her husband's ministry (in his lifetime, Mrs. L's husband was truly a minister of Christ). Long story short, I was curious to know how Mrs. L had lived her life thus far. The question was, "Mrs. L, how do you live? How do you think I should endeavor to live?" 

People in this generation pride themselves in their lifestyles, don't you think? Now consider, Mrs. L is a person who has passed through all these different tides of lifestyle trends throughout the years. When you meet Mrs. L, she's like this immovable, solid, weighty person that would intrigue your mind. She would make you wonder: how has she lived, how does she live, what can I learn from her about living this life, etc. 

"So Mrs. L, please tell me, how to live," I asked. 

(to be continued, click here for the answer)


  1. Wow, that sounds like a difficult question to answer. I'm curious to know what Mrs. L's response was.

  2. Kat, what a suspense! Now I can't wait to read for her answer... :D


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