The Application of the Law of Revival

An anonymous reader has helped me put up some quotes from the book I recommended last week, The Law of Revival, by Witness Lee. I'm about to do the same in this post. Pardon the length of the post, but I promise you'll appreciate all the quotes I will include. Seriously, if I could, I would memorize the whole content of this book. 

The book begins by presenting the need for the Lord's serving ones to have a new beginning (see Chapter 1), to be delivered from living according to feelings, and to open to the Lord to bring in a new revival (Ch. 2). Then it further elaborates on the Law of Revival (Ch. 3) and its application (Ch. 4). In the final chapter, the book concludes with the matter of knowing the Lord's resurrection through being broken.

In the beginning of the book, drawing from multiple Bible verses (mainly from Song of Songs), the author profoundly explains the existence of stages and cycles in our Christian journey, which consists of many beginnings, courses, pauses, and endings. Whenever we feel a sense of dissatisfaction, this is simply a sign that we need a new beginning, or a new revival.

From the second chapter on being delivered from living according to our feelings and being open:

"The problems in our heart, in our family, in our environment, and in the church are mountains and hills that cannot be overcome merely by our enjoying the Lord's sweetness and abundance. These problems require that we have the vision of resurrection and see the transcendence of our resurrected Lord, who is undeterred by any problem. This is the only way that we can overcome our problems." (Page 25, see Song of Songs 2:8-13
"We need to be open instead of being locked inside the self. It is very simple to open ourselves. For example,... we can tell a brother that we feel oppressed and old... On the one hand, we know one another because we see one nearly every day, but on the other hand we do not know one another, because we are closed... To be open does not mean to speak a frank word or to rebuke others. That is to spread death. To be open is to pour out and speak forth our true condition." (Pages 27, 30)

From chapters three and four concerning the Law of Revival and its application:

"When we are in the pause after a cycle of revival, that is, when we are not satisfied, we gain a particular knowledge concerning ourselves... When a person is low, his being tends to be still. It is during this quiet time that he becomes clearer." (Page 35 on Knowing Ourselves) 

"In order to genuinely know Christ, we must first discover our weaknesses. The weaknesses that we discover will reflect a certain characteristic of Christ. We can then experience and gain Christ according to this particular characteristic. Hence, our experience and gaining of Christ depend on our knowing our weaknesses... we will again be revived and will know, experience, and gain more of Christ." (Pages 37-38)

This whole book is simply too good. I have to stop myself before going on and on with quote after quote. The last quote that I'd like to end with is concerning the crystal-clear parallel between the law of the physical life and the law of our spiritual life.

To be physically revived requires us to have a disciplined, regulated habit of eating, drinking, resting, and sleeping. In like manner, we should also develop a disciplined spiritual living in order to be revived. Here is the last quote, from chapter four of the book:

"Hunger and thirst are signs, telling us to eat and drink. If we refuse to eat and drink, our tears are useless. Christ is dwelling in us, and He is our eternal food and the fountain of living water. We do not eat or drink Him, because we do not know the law of revival, and we do not have a disciplined life. We do not know that we should eat Him when we are hungry, drink Him when we are thirsty, and rest in Him when we are tired. We know the law of our physical life and live according to it; hence, we sleep when we are tired, eat when we are hungry, and drink when we are thirsty. However, we are weary, hungry, dry, low, old, dead, and miserable because we do not know the law of our spiritual life. It is unnecessary for us to be in this condition." (Page 44)

Isn't this very clear? A revival is not once in a lifetime event! There are cycles of revival that we need to pass through to progress in our spiritual growth. Just like our body grows each day through cycles of physical revivals.

The book does not end here. There is one more chapter. All I can say is please read for the sake of your own revival. Enjoy!

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  1. It is so easy to routinely eat, sleep, and rest. It is natural to recognize a need and fulfill it. I really like this post because spiritually there is a need to eat, sleep, and rest and these things can all be fulfilled in the Lord.

    1. Yes, if we only recognize this law of revival- that we need to eat, drink, and rest in the Lord- we can take action to be revived!

      Today as I was running errands, I was reminded to take a big drink of Christ by calling on His name in my car, as I was driving to different places. It was quite refreshing!

  2. So sweet blog! This was one of my favorite portions :) "...Now her beloved comes to give her a vision. Hence, it is no longer a matter of enjoyment but of power and vitality. We need to see that the Lord is full of resurrection power and that He comes leaping upon the mountains and skipping upon the hills like a young hart full of vigor and vitality (Song of Songs 2:8-9). No mountain or hill can hold Him back. At this stage a seeker's knowledge of the Lord has progressed from enjoyment to seeing and from feeling to revalation." - The Law of Revival

    1. Hi Viri,

      I'm glad you're enjoying reading the book. There are so many more gems in it that I wish I could quote in my blog. May we practice the law of revival everyday!

    2. Indeed dear sister! I can read this book over and over again..jeje. Your doing an awesome job in the blog..together with all the saints who are picking up the burden to spread the truth :) Hallelujah! - Viri

    3. Thank you for reading this blog, Viri. Please help share this blog with others. It's helpful for us to see others enjoying and participating by commenting and sharing.

      Thanks again!

  3. This book sounds amazing. I hope to read it in the near future

    1. Yes indeed. I hope you get to read it as well, Yung-En. It's quite a life-changing experience to be able to read, digest, and practice this book.

  4. Great review! Hope to hear something about the last chapter.

    Scott in Brazil


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