The Healing Christ - the Sun of Righteousness

The healing Christ is the Sun of righteousness with healing in His wings (Malachi 4:2). The word Sun refers to life (i.e., the sun as source of life supply) and righteousness refers to justice. Many are excited by miraculous physical healing. However, this is not the aspect of the healing Christ I'm going to write about today. 

The truth is...
"Today the whole world is sick. The daily news reports are filled with death, injustice, lawlessness, and darkness. This earth needs healing, but it will not get it until Christ returns. The only ones who receive healing today are the ones who know Christ as their Savior and inward life. 
We are receiving this healing ahead of time in a secret, hidden way every day. We are sick in our entire being- spirit, soul and body. We need our whole being to be healed by the Sun of righteousness. We need His wings to heal us, first inwardly and then outwardly."
The divine healing for our physical sickness barely scratches the surface. The root of the problem is inward, inherent in the nature of being fallen. We may never consider this but what actually heals us is not an outward healing. What heals us is the Light of Life (John 1:4-5). The light brings life to us.

As the sun shines, the plant grows. Likewise, as the Lord shines in our being, we grow in life. When we were first born again as Christians, it was like the Lord planted Himself as the seed of the divine life in our being. 

Before we were just the totality of being fallen, but now there was a divine seed in the deepest part of our being- our human spirit. A third of our being is DIVINE! This divine seed is God Himself with all His divine characteristics. The real healing soon began when this One started to spread from inside out. This healing is His growing in us.

I'm not sure about you, but in myself, I have never felt wholesome. There are so many lacks, shortages, weaknesses, holes in my being. Only when I'm in fellowship with the Lord, with the members of His Body, that I would feel more whole. That's because more of Him gets added into me as He's growing within. 

To me this healing is my full salvation. 

I'm being saved to the uttermost. I'm being made whole from inside out, from my spirit to my soul to my body. All byproducts of death, injustice, lawlessness, and darkness in me are swallowed up by the healing Christ.

Christ is ready to fly above us, around us, through us, and within us as the Sun of righteousness.  All we need to do is just to give Him the freedom to do so. These days I'm learning to pray, "Lord, heal me some more today. Heal my spirit by strengthening it, heal my soul by transforming it, and heal my body by giving life to it."

This divine healing starts with us because we have the healing Christ in our spirit today. Actually the source of healing is our spirit. 
"God heals from center to circumference, because the healing life is in our spirit." - Minoru Chen
But eventually the Sun of righteousness will heal, revive, restore this whole earth when He returns in His second coming.


  1. Amen!

    This is why it is good to pray, Lord, fly into my whole being - in all my mind, emotion, and will - and bring in healing in Your wings to all my being! Heal us our entire inward being so that You may have a people on earth who are one with You!

    When He gains the church as a group of restored people who experience His daily flying in, around, and into them, He can return to restore the entire universe!

    1. Amen. May the Lord continue to heal our entire being. So that He can come back to His restored people and He can come back to restore the rest.

  2. I appreciate how much we need His healing and that He is healing our entire being. Not just an outward healing but a thorough healing, from our spirit, to our soul, to our body.

    Christ is the Sun of righteousness with healing in His wings.

    Thank you, Katherine

    1. Yes, even today I'm still praying for Him to heal my being more. We have no other way...

  3. Luke 5:31-32: "And Jesus answered and said to them, Those who are healthy have no need of a physician, but those who are ill; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." This makes it clear that the real illness is not physical but from sin. And where sin is, there death is - not only physical death but discouragement, depression, weakness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, hopelessness, etc. But we can pray, Lord heal me more today, from center to circumference.

  4. This is so good Katherine! I really enjoyed that we are able to have His divine seed because we have been born of God! And by His watering of the seed we are able to express his divine attributes and live how He wants us to live. All the answers to violence, desolation, sadness, and darkness is to abide in Him! To allow Him to heal and saturate our whole body! Praise the Lord for being our Savior!

    This is Jenni by the way. It did not let me sign in through Google.

    1. Oh sorry that you're having problem to comment with a Google profile, Jenni. Not sure what's wrong but next time you can just do your name and your Facebook profile's URL. :)

      And AMEN! We need to give Him the freedom to spread in our being. How I need to be healed, be saved, and be made whole.

  5. Ameeennn! Praise the Lord we have such Christ who is the the Sun of Righteousness!!

  6. I enjoyed this post. I remember an older brother in Christ sharing with me over 15 years ago this verse in Psalms: "I sought the Lord and He answered me;/And He delivered me from all my fears." (Psalm 34:4)

    He asked me to pray this verse like one might take medication. LOL! (for joy that is) That's exactly what it was like for me, medicine for healing. I sought the Lord, and He gave me Himself, and this is how I experience being delivered/healed. I love Him and thank Him for being everything I need, including healing itself!

    1. That's very touching testimony, Melissa. Today I was listening that Christ is the Comfort itself, that we can partake of the Comfort. He's not just comforting us by making us feel better, but He's comforting us by healing our real sickness. He becomes Comfort itself by becoming the Antidote, the Solution to all our problems.


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