Satan's Stratagem: To Divide Us over the Small Things

Mrs. L's husband once said that in our following the Lord, what would divide us were actually not the major things but the minor things. Should we print the gospel tract in yellow pamphlet or blue pamphlet? Should we pray out loud or pray silently in the meetings? Questions such as these are minor details in serving the Lord Jesus, yet often they become the divisive factors in our laboring together with fellow serving ones.

I have many examples and experiences that I could share with you concerning the temptations of being divided over the small things in my Christian service, but today I just want to share with you concerning a more minor thing that happened in my life.

I live far away from home, so I don't get to talk to my mom that often. Recently I traveled across the ocean to visit my home. There was this one night when my mom and I got into an argument over something so silly. It was about what kind of water I should be drinking in Texas.

Within me, I was burning with unreasonable anger. I couldn't understand why. I knew it was such a minor issue but I couldn't stop arguing with her. It was very disappointing indeed, and I felt like the Lord was disappointed as well.

In the midst of my anger these words struck me, "The enemy divides us over the small things." I felt like there was a shining light piercing through my darkened emotions. Right then I knew I had to apologize to my mom for my narrowness. Guess what, it really doesn't matter. Why not take my mom's suggestion and drink high-quality water for my health's sake?

My mom is also a member of the Body of Christ. She's my fellow sister in the Lord. This is not just a doctrine in the air. Anything that divides us, divides the Body of Christ in its very practicality. You know what happened right after that argument? My mom wanted to share her enjoyment of the Lord with me, but I had no heart to receive her fellowship. That's a real division, a disconnect in our fellowship as members of one another in the Body of Christ.

I struggled to face her and say the words, "Mom, I'm sorry." It took me one whole day to muster up courage to go to her and apologize, but I eventually did. I'm learning, by the Lord's mercy and grace, that there is no acceptable reason for division in the Body life.

I apologize if my post today seems so trifling to you, but this matter has left me with such a deep realization that the enemy loves to divide us over the small things. This fact alone has scattered many of my unreasonable emotions away. My adherence to certain small things shows the narrowness of my heart. Now that I consider more on this matter, it's actually quite similar to my previous post on not contending over minor issues or doctrines that are not part of our common faith.


  1. Katherine, this is great! Even minor things such as water can cause division and turmoil. The Lord does not want this to happen. We must learn to love one another just as the Lord loves us. Then this love will create the fellowship that the Lord wants us to have. Amen for this revelation! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jenni. Loving one another is definitely the way we maintain the healthy fellowship in the Body. Your comment actually reminds me of John 15, concerning the branches loving one another. Such fellowship allows the branches to bear remaining fruit.


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