My Grandma Read My Blog

In this trip back home, I got to spend some time with my lovely grandmother. I missed her so much, I actually still do. She missed me a lot too. She won't directly ask me to just stay and live in my hometown, but I always have this sense that she's always waiting for me.

Whenever I tell her that I and my sister are coming home, she will start counting days until the day we actually come back home. Thinking about my family all day is too sad, that's why I'm not doing that. I'll tell you later why I choose to stay in Texas and live here. It's not because I don't love my family or anything like that. Today I just want to write a short post on my grandma reading my blog post. 

I told you before that my grandma knew Mrs. L. My grandma used to send Mrs. L organic bird's nest for health purposes. My grandma doesn't really speak English but she took some English classes before (in her sixties). So I showed her my blog post about my conversation with Mrs. L, the post entitled Ovecoming Confusion in the Church Life

It was so awesome! My grandma read it. Although she didn't understand every single word on that post, she was able to enjoy the gist of the post. It was such an encouragement to me that my grandma enjoyed reading my blog.

My grandma is fully in the church life. She's seventy five but she loves Christ and the church. It's her joy to invite the young ones into her home and she would cook a lot for them. She would also care for the older ones. She would visit and bring them food.

My grandma loves the young people and she treasures the older ones. She used to be a strong person but as time passes, the Lord has walked with her through many hardships. 

My grandma is not a perfect person, but her years with the Lord is her real glitter. I'm very grateful that I have inherited such a good deposit from my grandma, and also from my mom. Well, from my grandma's mom too actually. She was also a faithful, mature believer in Christ.

My grandma has been investing the real treasure in the heavenly account by giving and giving. Now even I get to enjoy some of the dividend from her account. God's blessings are passed unto thousand generations.

I always remember my grandma's prayer - "Lord, I pray that all my children and all my grandchildren would serve You and  Your church." Now, I can tell you this exact prayer is the reason why I'm living far away from home.


  1. To have godly grandparents is a real treasure from the Lord. Our faithfulness to the Lord is often the best gift we can give our families.

  2. True that. I realize that many times it doesn't matter how much I struggle to solve my family problems, they just wouldn't get solved. However, when I decided to simply follow the Lord, my family has experienced the blessings as well.

    I'm not talking about material blessings but spiritual blessings. My dad started to read the Bible, my siblings began to have a seeking and serving heart toward the Lord Jesus, and so forth.

    I can testify that our faithfulness to the Lord has become the best gift that I can give to my family.


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